Saturday, September 26, 2009

Afghan Blasting

fri 11sep
afgan blasting
We went to the market and looked for a ride back to Dushanbe.e found a 4 wheel drive pretty fast so we loaded our bikes on top and onces the car was full with 6 passengers we left.
We rode the 500km all the way back to Dushanbe were we cycled before. It is somehow nice to see what you have cycled already. We enjoyed again the views and laughed once in a while when we remembered a spot and a connecting story with it.
Around 6 hours after we started we stoped for lunch at a nice restaurant beside the river facing Afghanistan. We ordered food and enjoyed the rest when suddenly the owner of the restaurant approached us and said something in Tajik. All jumped of put their shoes on and were hiding behind the restaurant. The 1st blast happend followed by a 2nd one. When the 3rd blast happened we also ran and took cover behind the restaurant. Suddenly we saw the (head size) stones scattered beside the restaurant which flew from the other side of the river. Now we realized in what a danger we have been and all of that just because the Afghans trying to make some trails on rocky terain.
When we left and went to our car the rear window had a big hole done by one of the stones.
This was quite a weird experience.

On our way back we realized that some things have changed: the old geezer with the bees has gone, the kids where we slept - close to the pass have gone and thats because the winter is coming ... also time for us to go. THANK YOU Tajikistan - see you again.


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