Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cycling Day 3 - 20 Aug

Camp2 - Tavildara

Meet the 7 brothers
20 Aug
We were looking for a breakfast stop but nothing to find ... besides that I ran out of water. We found a remote house and asked for water. Immediatly we got invited in for tea and a some bread. Then, the suffering started. Seriously rough road very dusty and after each truck who overtook us or came from the other side we had to stop for a few minutes to wait till the dust clouds had past.
The scenery was paying of for that and we still enjoyed the ride. Finally we found a place to eat. After some yoghurt, soup and some nice meat we both fel asleep immediatly. Seems the ride was seriously tiring. We finally could make the last stretch of 7 km to reach Tavildara.

Once we reached Tavildara we had a cold beer (its rare to find here) at a shop and ask the owner where to stay. He told us we will stay in his house. He drawed a picture of a boy and a animal (I guess its supposed to be a donkey. And he cut the donkeys head off ... .
We waited for another hour till he closed his shop and went to his place. He and his wife offered us food ... from soup (with lamp meat) , yoghurt, tea, biscuits, candys ...honey ... and lamb everything .... amazing ... and finally I knew the animal in the picture was the lamb ... and we slept in the boys room :)
After that some of his brothers arrived and wanted to talk with us ... we were quite tired and Martin wanted to sleep but they kept talking and talking ...
Finally they understood it and left the room so we could get our well deserved rest.

Info for bikers
day trip: 62 km
total: 246 km
high up: 1100 m
high up total: 3477 m
down: 593 m
down total : 2746 m
road conditions: serious rough road with a lot of dust ... not so much climbing but quite hot and the dusty road gives you the rest. Very nice scenery

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