Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cycling Day 5 - Hindukush

Camp 3 (2800m) - Kala-I-Kum (1300m)

We decided to have 1/2 rest day in Kal-I-Kum. It was only 30km cycling and all downhill.
Nice cycling along a creek with a lot of villages to pass and everywhere you have to great "Salom" while putting your right hand towards your hard. People are very friendly here.
In Kala-I-Kum we found a nice homestay, looking at the Hindukush. We had lunch in a restaurant where they don't serve drinks. So we bought drinks outside and went back to have our lunch. We walked around the village and found to our surprise some cheese and some sausages and had a feast for dinner in our "homestay". After that we aclled it a day and went to sleep in our room without beds. It is normal here to have just a big carpet in the room and people sleep on it. The "hang out" area in the tea houses here is very interesting and for those who want to know more should visit me in Cebu when I am back coz i am planning to build one on my terrace :)

Info for bikers:
day km 30
total 328 km
high up 50
high up total 5427
down : 1500
total : 4646
last 10 km to Kal-I kum all paved ... nice riding along a creek

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