Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cycling day 2

Camp1 - Camp2
We started early and approached Ob-I-Garm soon. We had a break there, got some frozen RC Cola (this will follow us the rest of our trip) and had some tea and some Samosas.
After Ob-I-Garm we realized why people told us about rough riding here. The road got really bad and seriously dusty. At least the scenery got a lot better so we still could enjoy our ride.
At the end of the day we looked for a nice spot to camp and found a great place overlooking a valley. We didn't even pitch a tent we just slept under the blue sky.

Info for bikers
day trip: 82 km total: 184 km
high up: 1187 m
high up total: 2377 m
down: 1480 m
down total : 1953 m
road conditions: after ObiGarm its serious rough road with lose gravel; rolling up and down
scenery gets very nice and interesting ... people are very friendly
nice riding

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