Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cycling Day 4 - The 1st challenge

Tavildara (1581 m) - Khaburabot Pass (3200M) - Camp 3 (2800m)

Lets get it on. The 1st 10 km have been flat ... but we were prepared about what would happen that day. We had to climb from 1581m up to 3200m - this was a 40km climb. It was an awesome ride ...seriously tough , because of the rough road but with amazing scenery. We were focusing on the top and when we arrived there we just had to figure out this was by far not it. On our way up we got invited by an old guy living in his tent and taking care of his bees for some tea and honey ... and he didn't wanted to let us go. Anyway we continued and it got slowly dark already. I was definitely on my limit which I would say was 80% of the pysical part and the rest 20% the serious road conditions.
We reached the top and had to find out that camping there was not allowed coz it is military area.
We cycled 200 hight meters down (wearing our warm fleece jakets , glooves and beanies ... that was a first test for the Pamirs) and pitched our tent in the dark to a family who is living there with there caddle. We had some chili con carne ... martin still can't believe how great the taste is ... and had our well deserved rest.

Info for bikers:
day km 52
total 298 km
high up 1900
high up total 5377
down : 300
total : 3146

seriously rough road but great scenery. 10 km from Tavildara are flat and after the bridge a 40 km climb follows ... not really steep but hard because of the road condition

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