Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CylingDay 1 - Out of Dushanbe (18 Aug)

Dushanbe - Camp 1
Don't use new gadgets on a trip - try them before hand
We started early in the morning, cycling out of Dushanbe.
I tried to test my new gadget (my battery charger, which recharches batteries while biking with a dynamo). Luckily Martin had to stop after a few km ... so i checked the dynamo and I realized that it almost ruined my tire. I think a few km more and my tire would have been gone :(
The 1st day was nothing special and good to get into the cycling again.
There are really almost no stores on the road and its good to bring your own food.
At the end of the day we found a nice spot (tea house) were we pitched our tent and fell asleep.

Info for bikers
day trip: 69 km (79 incl km in Dushanbe)
total: 102 km (incl. the 23 in Dushanbe on 1st day)
high up: 1013 m
high up total: 1190 m
down: 351 m
down total : 462 m

road conditions: all paved - nothing special

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  1. Being a biker in Tajikistan is a great experience to ponder. I did stayed here for a year last 2010.